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Parkein is a efficient and convenient parking systems which functions with the help of smart technology and innovative machinery. They asked us to choose a name as well as make a brand identity for them.

While working on the concept of Parkein, our primary objective was to come up with something related to what they do and unique at the same time.

Taking into account the above points we were able to draw parallel to the design of Honeycomb. Honeycomb is often considered as one of the most efficient, smart and intelligent structure. It's geometrical design which is columnar and hexagonal in shape is aesthetically unique and pleasing to look at too.
One other challenge we had to tread through was keeping the identity distinct. Honeycomb has been used in branding before too by various brands. It was important for us to come up with something very distinct to help Parkein position themselves as a unique and strong brand.

Industry / 

Parking Solutions

Country / 

UAE & China


Year / 


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